Why don’t Indian poor people start a revolution?

100,000 new people are getting out of poverty every single day. By the time you finish reading this answer 100 new Indian families would have climbed up to the middle class. That’s why India is not revolting. They are busy climbing.

What is a revolution anyway?

Revolution as popularly imagined is the adult version of throwing tantrum. Despite it being glorified by a lot of propaganda machines, it seldom leads to positive outcomes. Let’s suppose you are writing a poem and you don’t get ahead at all with your words. You will get angry at some point and tear apart the paper. That’s what happens in a revolution – society is torn apart when people don’t get ahead. On the other hand, if you have gotten your rhythm and have finished the first stanza, you will be more motivated and will be less likely to tear apart the paper – even if you know that you have many more stanzas to finish.

The revolutionaries with books in hand and marks in mind

Each one of them is changing their whole community around them. The illiteracy in their whole extended family ends instantly as soon as one of them gets out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

None of them talked of revolution or system change. None of them ever talked of violence. None of them took shortcuts of alcohol and drugs. None of them whine about their condition. They took positive steps.  All of them are revolutionizing India.

We are having millions of such new revolutionaries not with the trigger of a gun, but with the keypad and LCD screen. Yes, India’s poor people are “revolting” and getting impatient. But, with a book in hand and grades in mind.


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